Why two.grace.spies?  My full name is Joshua Caleb Suddath.  Joshua and Caleb were two of twelve spies that were sent into the promised land to bring back a report on the land and its people. As you probably know, 10 of the spies brought back a negative report, claiming the people were too big and powerful and seemingly unconquerable.  Joshua and Caleb, however, came back reminding the people that God was with them and had promised to give them the land, despite the obstacles they faced.  Several years ago, my email address read "two.good.spies."  When we hear this story told, we often hear these spies referred to as the ten bad spies and the two good spies.  I've titled this site two.grace.spies because my perspective on this story has been changed.  As believers, there is only one thing that sets us apart from the world.  It's called grace, given to us in the person of Jesus.  Joshua and Caleb were no different.  They didn't bring back a good report because they were better people than the other ten spies.  All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  God gave Joshua and Caleb grace to remind the people of His faithfulness. 

I hope this site will be used for that same purpose.