We are all wired differently.  You may seem to remember the things you see better than the things you read, write, or hear.  I don't expect anyone who starts down this road of scripture memory to use the same techniques I use.  Use whatever seems to help you best retain the words.  But, if you are curious, here is what works best for me.  

Read a chapter (out loud).  Start with 3 verses.  Read verses 1-3 until you feel like you could start to say them without looking.  Say them without looking 3 times.  If you can get 1-3 without looking 3 times, move on to 4-6.  Once you can get 4-6, go back and say 1-6.  3 times.  Then move on to 7-9.  1-9.  10-12.  1-12.  It's like running a suicide in sports.  Free throw line, back.  Half - court, back.  Opposite free throw line, back.  Full -court, back.  Chapters in the New Testament tend to range from 20 Verses to 40 verses.  I found that after a couple hours on a Saturday morning, I could say 1 chapter out loud.  Then, say it once or twice a day for the next week.  Once or twice a week for the next month.  Once or twice a month for the next year.  

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