1. What has been the biggest thing you've learned since starting this whole process?  As human beings we are way more depraved than we could ever imagine, and as believers we are way more loved in Christ than we could ever comprehend.  That is a popular statement these days, and not original to me, but oh so true.
  2. Do you ever find yourself lacking the desire to keep going with the memorization?  Often.  More often than you would think.  
  3. How has it affected your daily life?  The Lord speaks to us through His Word, so I find myself seeing the Word coming to life in the events of my day and in the lives of others.
  4. What is your biggest struggle related to this discipline?  The warfare that comes along with it.  As encouraging as it can be to be reminded of grace on a daily basis,  the attacks seem to be fierce.  Satan knows the words of God too.  He just doesn't know The Word of God.  
  5. How do you actually go about memorizing?  See the Techniques page.
  6. What was the first book you memorized?  Romans.
  7. What is your favorite book?  Philippians...maybe Galatians.  
  8. What is your favorite passage?  But God...(Rom. 3), But when God...(Gal. 1), But because of His great love...(Eph. 2), But you were washed...(I Cor. 9).
  9. Do people ever think you are doing all this for your own glory?  Are you?  Yes, and No.  My flesh wants to be praised just as much as yours does.  But God...